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CNY002 Chinese New Year Hampers
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  1. Bird’s Nest White Fungus, 70g x2
  2. New Moon New Zealand Abalone, 425g  X5
  3. Top Graded Dried Mushroom, 60g
  4. Egg Rolls, 100g
  5. ShanDong Groundnuts,120g
  6. Green Peas Snack, 75g 
  7. Ferro Rocher Chocolate, 300g  
  8. Peanut Cracke, 150g
  9. Pineapple Cookies,160g
  10. Coconut Pastry, 140g
  11. Moore Strawberry Cookies with soft strawberry filling, 84g
  12.  Brandy XO, 70cl, alcohol
  13. Chinese New Year Greeting Cards
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