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Celebration Package
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SGD $192.60
  1. Haribo Happy Cherries, 160g
  2. Ever Delicious South East Flavour Traditional Handmade Cheese Cookies , 100g
  3. Fruit Flavour Jelly Candies, 120g
  4. Ever Delicious Elegance Gold Butter Swirl Chocolate Cream Filling Cookies, 120g
  5. Tip Top Stacy’s Snack Chocolate Covered with Vanilla Fillings, 80g
  6. Tip Top Peanut Cake, 96g
  7. Cheez-IT Cheese Cookies simply baked, 70g
  8. Tip Top Crab Crackers, 70g
  9. Miaow Miaow Cheese Flavoured Rings, 40g 
  10. Sparkling juice, 750ml
  11. Induction Cooker with 6 preset functions
  12. Hari Raya Packaging
  13. Premium Basket
  14. Complimentary Delivery